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    I joined CNBC’s Bernie Lo to discuss Apple (AAPL) and IBM’s (IBM) announcement that they would be joining forces in the enterprise space. What does this move mean for Apple and its competitors?
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    • Secession Risk

      In today's update, I talk about the biggest macro risk right now for the markets—not the Fed or European Central Bank…or ISIS, or even Vladimir Putin. No, the biggest macro risk is the mood of Scottish voters. After I tell you the investment impacts we may experience from Scottish secession, from there we move on to an update on one of our newest energy plays and on our Spanish REITs.
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    • Investing in the Energy Boom

      As we enter September, you’re going to hear the usual dire warnings of crashes; after all, historically most of the worst market crashes have happened in September and October. In this issue, I'll give you the real story on seasonal patterns and so-called recurring patterns. Next, we'll look at new data from Meb Faber about global stock market valuations. Finally, I've got two new portfolio recommendations for you in the energy sector, plus updates on a couple of our foreign stocks.

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    Charles Lewis Sizemore, CFA, founder and editor of Macro Trend Investor, is dedicated to finding superior investments backed by powerful macro trends—before you hear about them on the nightly news or read about them in the newspaper or on the Internet. He has been a repeat guest on Bloomberg TV and Fox Business News, has been quoted in Barron’s Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post and is a frequent contributor to Forbes Moneybuilder and InvestorPlace.com.

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