sizemore-photo_newCharles Lewis Sizemore, CFA, founder and editor of Macro Trend Investor, is dedicated to finding superior investments backed by powerful macro trends—before you hear about them on the nightly news or read about them in the newspaper or on the Internet. He has been a repeat guest on Bloomberg TV and Fox Business News, has been quoted in Barron’s Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post and is a frequent contributor to Forbes Moneybuilder and InvestorPlace.com.

Charles is the co-author of Boom or Bust: Understanding and Profiting from a Changing Consumer Economy (iUniverse, 2008); and worked alongside best-selling financial author and economic strategist Harry S. Dent, Jr. in creating original research on the effects of changing global demographics on asset returns and economic growth. He also serves as the Chief Investment Officer of Sizemore Capital Management LLC. and is a registered investment advisor.

His academic and real-life experience has given him a unique approach to investing: combining his insights into global macro trends with in-depth investor research. And he has developed a reputation for taking complex issues, recognizing long-term investment strategies, and then finding the hidden investing opportunities that he shares with investors.

Charles holds a master’s degree in Finance and Accounting from the London School of Economics in the United Kingdom and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance with an International Emphasis from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude and as a Phi Beta Kappa scholar.

About Macro Trend Investor

Charles Sizemore’s Macro Trend Investor is all about weaving traditional value investing with his unique take on a history, demographics, and global current events so that subscribers can profit from superior investments backed by powerful macro trends. Charles uses his broad, global perspective, historical precedence, as well as the thoughts of his vast network of investing professionals to deliver solid, actionable portfolio recommendations that should do well in any economic climate.

To achieve this, Charles focuses on his main Macro Trend Model Portfolio, an actively managed portfolio that, while it carries some risk, is comprised of safe and established companies with a dividend history and is specifically designed to take advantage of the most important global macro trends. Secondarily, Charles holds a Core Dividend Portfolio which is a conservative approach that includes stable and safe companies that reinvest dividends for long-term results. With these two portfolios, he provides something for everyone… no matter what stage of investing: young investors, seasoned active investors, retirees.

Along with the two portfolios, Charles provides a variety of tools in his Macro Trend Investor service that allows him to provide you with all the information that you need to build your portfolio. Here’s a brief look at some of the tools available to Macro Trend Investor subscribers.

Monthly Issues:

Charles’ monthly issues provide his insights and in-depth, detailed summaries of the major macro trends affecting the world economy, discussions on what’s happening in the market and economy, and detailed advice on the stocks to profit from these trends and portfolio positioning advice for the years ahead. Each monthly issue, published the first week of each month, gives Charles the opportunity to dive deeper into topics on investors’ minds and to give his opinion on recent events and how these affect his specific investment recommendations.

Weekly Updates:

In today’s investing environment, it’s vital to stay on top of what’s happening not only in the stock market, but in economies worldwide. Global events can affect your portfolio and investment strategy, which is why Charles stays in contact with you every week. His weekly updates will be posted every Thursday, and contain his latest review what’s happening in the global economy and market.


Macro trends can be affected by global events. So Charles wants to be able to contact you between monthly issues and weekly updates—and that’s where flash alerts come into play. Whenever there’s information that you need or advice that Charles thinks you should act on right away, he’ll send an Alert.

Instant Alerts by Text Message:

By entering my mobile phone number in the order form, I’ll be signed up to receive a text alert every time there is a buy or sell. *Standard text messaging rates will apply.

Online Conferences:

These quarterly online conferences give Charles the opportunity to share his insights and analysis on a more personal level. He’ll elaborate on important developments in our holdings, exchange ideas and answer your questions.

Subscriber-Only Website:

Available 24 hours a day, the Macro Trend Investor website contains everything you need, and you can access it with the simple click of a mouse. You’ll find both the Macro Trend Model Portfolio and the Core Dividend Portfolio, a complete archive of past monthly newsletters, weekly updates, special reports and videos, as well as alerts.

With Macro Trend Investor, you get information that is simply not available anywhere else from one of the most innovative minds in finance today.


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