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Review: Age Warfare

If you think today’s heated debates about Social Security entitlements presage conflict between the generations, Juan Carlos Cantú’s Age Warfare presents a future demographic nightmare in which the old use their collective power at the ballot box to keep younger generations in a state of low-wage, low-opportunity economic slavery. Cantú’s novel is fiction, of course. […]

Review of Trading: The Best of the Best

There is a common problem among many trading and investing books.  They “have limited value to their intended audiences.”  Or, to be more direct about it, “They suck.” So says professional trader and popular financial blogger Brian Lund in the introduction to his new book Trading: The Best of the Best.  By and large, I […]

Review: Intermarket Analysis and Investing

“Recognizing that the stock market is a difficult game to play and admitting that investing in securities is an art, we can only preface this book by saying, ‘Good luck.’” So writes Michael E.S. Gayed in the forward to Intermarket Analysis and Investing, originally published in 1990 and republished in 2013. Outside of politics, few [...]

Review: The Most Important Thing

If Warren Buffett, Christopher Davis, Joel Greenblatt and Seth Klarman recommend a book, it might—just might—be worth reading.   It certainly got my attention. Warren Buffett calls Howard Marks’ The Most Important Thing “that rarity, a useful book.”  And as a researcher with a library of a couple hundred books myself, I couldn’t agree more. For [...]

Book Review: The Little Book of Big Profits from Small Stocks

The “Little Books” series has produced several memorable titles, such as Joel Greenblatt’s The Little Book that Beats the Market.  Greenblatt offers a mechanical investing strategy that involves very little work on the part of the reader.  You simply build a portfolio of 30 stocks from his screener and re-run his “Magic Formula” screen on [...]

Review: What’s Behind the Numbers?

In the opening lines of What’s Behind the Numbers?, co-authors John Del Vecchio and Tom Jacobs offer to “help you find where the investing bodies are buried so you don’t join them.”  These are appropriate words to begin a book on the detective work of finding financial chicanery. Numbers covers the art of short selling—a [...]

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Review: The Revenge of Geography

“The present, as permanent and overwhelming as it can seem, is fleeting,” writes Robert Kaplan in the introduction to The Revenge of Geography: What the Map Tells Us About Coming Conflicts and the Battle Against Fate.   “The only thing enduring is a people’s position on the map.” As a country built with a spirit of [...]

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Review of Nassim Taleb’s Antifragile

We all know what “fragile” means.  But what is the opposite of fragile? If you are like me, your instinctive response would be “robust” or perhaps “durable.”  But you would be wrong. Something that is fragile is damaged by an unexpected shock, whereas something that is robust or durable is able to withstand it.  To [...]

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Review: Backstage Wall Street

“No one who is currently working in the investment advisory or asset management business will ever say the things I am about to say,” writes Josh Brown in the opening lines of Backstage Wall Street, his exposé of the Wall Street brokerage machine. Brown may be pushing it when he says “There is no such [...]

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The Little Book of Stock Market Cycles

“There is no magic formula to make trading or investing easy,” starts Jeffrey Hirsch in The Little Book of Stock Market Cycles.  “Nothing can replace research, experience, and a healthy dose of luck.” History, however, can be a useful guide in understanding the environment in which you are investing.  This is the focus of Mr. [...]

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