A Modest Proposal for America's Unemployed

I think I cried in my coffee a little when I read the following headline this morning in the Financial Times: “Somali pirates’ successful business model wins recruits.” According to the FT, “Rear Admiral Hank Ort of the Netherlands Navy [the Nato commander in the region] said the allure of

An Honest Stockbroker?

This is from the last bear market but still so true… Straight Talk – Stock Market Uploaded by senatork. – Watch more comedy videos and sitcoms. Bottom line: do your own homework and hire an advisor you trust. Charles Lewis Sizemore, CFA This blog is a free service of the

John Maynard Keynes and Friedrich von Hayek In Rap Contest

This is pure genius.  Turn your speakers up. Charles Lewis Sizemore, CFAChief Investment Officer, Sizemore Capital Management LLC Sizemore Capital Management LLC is a registered investment advisor specializing in money management and financial planning for individuals. Please visit us on the web for more information: Check out Charles’s new

Hitler NOT happy about missing the new bull market

We normally keep this blog rather stuffy and business-like, but this is something we couldn’t resist passing on: Perhaps the Fuhrer should have been reading our blog for the past six months… Charles Lewis Sizemore, CFA Check out Charles’s new book, available on Boom or Bust: Understanding and