Sizemore in the Media

Straight Talk Money: A Vicious Cycle?

In my most recent appearance on Mike Robertson’s Straight Talk Money radio show this Thursday, we covered everything from the outlook for IBM (IBM) and Microsoft (MSFT) to the Fed’s effect on bond yields. Listen in to learn all about what’s happening in the markets this week.

VIDEO: The Apple-IBM Partnership

I joined CNBC’s Bernie Lo to discuss Apple (AAPL) and IBM’s (IBM) announcement that they would be joining forces in the enterprise space. What does this move mean for Apple and its competitors?

Straight Talk Money: Tuning Out the Noise

“Noisy”–that’s the one word Janet Yellen used to describe inflation data last week. In this broadcast of Straight Talk Money, I joined host Mike Robertson to talk about what’s really important for individual investors to pay attention to when it comes to inflation data and fixed-income investing.

Straight Talk Money: Where is the Market Going?

I had the pleasure of chatting with Mike Robertson of Straight Talk Money this morning about a variety of financial topics, from past money manager stumbles to the best contrarian picks for the market going forward.

Can Microsoft Out-iPad the iPad?

Charles Sizemore joined CNBC’s Adam Bakhtiar to discuss what the new Microsoft Surface Pro tablet might mean for Microsoft’s prospects.

Emerging Markets in 2014

Charles Sizemore won the 2013 InvestorPlace Media stock-picking contest with Daimler…which stock has he selected for 2014 and why? Jeff Reeves talks with Charles about a unique opportunity in emerging markets and how you can get in on it.

VIDEO: Are the Markets Rigged?

Michael Lewis’ new book has triggered controversy by alleging high-frequency trading (“HFT”) rigs the markets against real investors. Does it? I dig into this topic on CNBC with Bernie Lo, Susan Li and Ben Lichtenstein.