Sizemore in the Media

Straight Talk Money: Apple’s Outsized Effect

This week on Straight Talk Money, Mike Robertson and I talked about everything from the wide-reaching effects of Apple to bitcoins and emerging markets. Tune in to hear the latest.

Netflix: Good Company, Bad Stock?

I chatted with CNBC’s Bernie Lo about Netflix’s (NFLX) 4th quarter earnings. Netflix is a revolutionary company that beat expectations in every way a company can–but the company faces several challenges that make its stock an unattractive investment.

Macro Themes for 2014

Frontier markets present a unique opportunity for investors to see big returns in 2014. Is it time for you to focus on emerging markets? If so, how and where is the best place to put your money? Charles Sizemore provides insights and advice on his top pick for this game-changing trend.

J.C. Penney on an Express Train to Oblivion

J.C. Penney faces an uphill battle for survival after a series of CEO debacles. Can Mike Ullman save the company who at one time was on the cutting edge of catalog sales? Or is it all too little, too late?

Putting Your Money in Twitter’s highly speculative IPO

At the market close of Twitter’s highly speculative IPO, I discussed with the CNBC team why the stock hit an amazing high of 45 times trailing earnings, as well as my expectations and thoughts on when and how to invest if you choose to put your money in this media revolution.

The Fed’s Gameplan on Straight Talk Money

I joined Mike Robertson this morning to discuss the Fed’s announcement and what it means for tapering, inflation, and the stock market on Straight Talk Money.  You can listen to the audio in the embedded player above.