Sizemore in the Media

Emerging Markets in 2014

Charles Sizemore won the 2013 InvestorPlace Media stock-picking contest with Daimler…which stock has he selected for 2014 and why? Jeff Reeves talks with Charles about a unique opportunity in emerging markets and how you can get in on it.

VIDEO: Are the Markets Rigged?

Michael Lewis’ new book has triggered controversy by alleging high-frequency trading (“HFT”) rigs the markets against real investors. Does it? I dig into this topic on CNBC with Bernie Lo, Susan Li and Ben Lichtenstein.

High-Frequency Trading and the Average Investor

There’s been a lot of buzz this week over Michael Lewis’ new book Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt–and whether or not high-frequency trading “rigs” the market against the average investor, as he claims. I went on the Straight Talk Money radio show to to talk to host Peggy Tuck about it.

VIDEO: Rigged Markets, FB and the Tech Final Four

Are the markets rigged? What’s Facebook doing buying a VR company? And what tech companies belong in the “final four”? Charles Sizemore takes on these topics in his appearance on the Varney & Co. Halftime Report.

Straight Talk Money: Would Another Cold War Really Be So Bad?

This morning I talked with Peggy Tuck on the Straight Talk Money radio show. We covered a lot of ground in our discussion of market-moving news, from the effects of sanctions on Russia to JPMorgan’s recent moves in the commodities space. Listen in for our analysis.

Is it 1999 All Over Again?

After the runs we’ve seen in stocks like Tesla (TSLA), Netflix (NFLX) and even (AMZN)—and the triple-digit price/earnings currently assigned to each—it does feel a little like 1999. But as I commented to Stuart Varney, current market valuations put us closer to 1996 than 1999.

VIDEO: The Best Ways to Profit from Winter Weather

If we have to suffer through the cold, we might as well find ways to profit from it.

I chatted with Varney & Company’s Stuart Varney this morning about moves that investors can make to take advantage of the terrible weather.