Ignore the Holiday Superstitions

The holidays are here again, and so are inane expressions like “Santa Claus rally” and market supersitions. My advice? Ignore the nonsense, and focus on investable macro themes. In this update, I’ll share how our portfolio is doing and where I see future opportunity.

Is Spain a Buy? Depende.

Is Spain a buy?  In a word, “Sí.”  But perhaps a better reply would be “Depende.” After the recent volatility stemming from the Cyprus bailout, Spanish stocks are more attractive than at any other time in 2013.    But you shouldn’t buy just anything trading in Madrid.  A little selectiveness is warranted. To start, if a [...]

3 Dividend Stocks for Those Who Like to Live Dangerously

One of my favorite scenes in the classic James Bond spoof Austin Powers is when Powers sits down at the blackjack table occupied by Dr. Evil’s Number 2. (see “Bond Investing.  JAMES Bond Investing.”) Number 2’s cards give him 17…and because he “likes to live dangerously” he says “hit me.” (Number 2 has x-ray vision [...]

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5 Solid French Dividend Stocks

Vive la France! With ECB President Mario Draghi and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke in a monetary arms race to see who can inject more liquidity into the global financial system, global equity markets should enjoy a spectacular finish to the year.  And with Bernanke determined to keep short-term rates at near 0% through 2015, dividend-paying [...]
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Three European Stocks to Avoid

Long-time readers are familiar with my shtick on European stocks: many of the best plays on the rise of the emerging market consumer are to be found in boring, prosaic European blue chips.  Switzerland’s Nestle ($NSRGY), the British-Dutch Unilever ($UL), and Spanish communications juggernaut Telefonica ($TEF) are all companies I’ve highlighted for their large exposure [...]
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Mexico: Investing in the Forgotten Emerging Market

Mexico gets no love. It’s not quite a developed market, but being next door to the United States it’s not quite remote or exotic enough to be an alluring emerging market either. And starting with the letter “M,” it doesn’t fit into any popular acronyms. Lest you think I am joking, the four countries that [...]
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Charles Sizemore on Bloomberg TV: Investing in Europe

Charles Sizemore gives his thoughts on how to invest in Europe to Bloomberg’s Guy Johnson, live in London.  To watch the interview, see “Emerging Market Exposure via Europe“

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Is Spain the Opportunity of a Lifetime…or a Wicked Value Trap?

When I tell readers that Spanish stocks are still cheap, I can’t help but recall Chevy Chase’s 1970s Saturday Night Live skit in which for weeks after his death, Chase announced “breaking news” that “Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.” Spanish stocks are still cheap, as they have been for over a year, but they [...]
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GURU: Investing With the Best Minds in the Business by Charles Lewis Sizemore, CFA

Last week, I took a look at how the “Investing All-Stars” were positioning themselves for the remainder of 2012. Then—as now—the Eurozone crisis hung over the capital markets like the proverbial Sword of Damocles.  Given the difficulty of investing under this kind of uncertainty, I thought it would be beneficial to peek over the shoulders [...]
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Trading Strategies: Playing Europe in the Near Term

The most annoying thing about old Wall Street adages like “Sell in May, go away” is that once in a while, they are actually true. Sure, most of the time it makes sense to be invested during the summer months.  If history is any guide, they are more likely to be positive than negative.  But [...]