Steer Clear of Gold for Now

In this video, (originally published on The Slant), Charles Sizemore chats with Jeff Reeves about the dynamics of gold’s decline.

So Paulson…About that Gold Stash…

“A billion dollars ain’t what  it used to be.” Bunker Hunt reportedly said those words in the early 1980s after the Hunt brothers lost a large chunk of their family fortune in their ill-fated cornering of the silver market.  But John Paulson must be thinking the same thing.  After Monday’s 9.3% drop, Paulson has personally [...]

Bitcoins and Gold: I Would Short Them Both If I Could

It is truly a digital age: gold bugs have gone virtual. I’m talking about Bitcoin, of course.  I realize that Bitcoin is not gold and has nothing to do with gold; it is a true cyber currency made of nothing but ones and zeros.  But its popularity is driven by the same forces that have [...]

What Will Gold Do in 2013?

Gold is a frustrating investment, even for its proponents.  Actually, “disciple” is probably a better a better word for the truly-committed gold investor.  More than any other asset class, gold tends to create a quasi-religious cult around itself.  An investor might buy a stock.  But they believe in gold. Unfortunately, gold is often the god [...]

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What's Next for Gold?

The silence in the major financial media on gold and precious metals this month has been deafening.  As recently as a few weeks ago, you couldn’t get away from gold headlines if you wanted to.  For months leading up to gold’s parabolic jump, the financial press was inundated with articles

Gold: Is it Time to Call the Top?

I know better than to say “I told you so” (see “Gold: Has the Bubble Finally Burst?” from early last week).  The market gods tend to be jealous and vengeful and appear to take great pleasure in humbling the arrogant.  So I know better that to tempt them.  Besides, even

Twist and Shout: Where to Invest After Operation Twist

It’s an odd world we live in. The Federal Reserve announced what we all already knew—that slow growth and weak demand would be with us for a while—and yet this sparked a market panic that sent the Dow ($DJIA) down by more than 500 points before it recovered slightly. And

Gold: Has the Bubble Finally Burst?

World stock markets are down this morning on renewed worries of a Greek default.   Adding fuel to the fire, President Obama’s proposal to levy a new tax on millionaires—dubbed the “Buffett Rule” after being suggested by billionaire superinvestor Warren Buffett—has drawn a sharp rebuke from Congressional Republicans and threatens to

A Greater Fool and Evil to Boot

The Mises Institute, dedicated to “proceeding ever more boldly against evil,” appears to take issue with some of my comments on gold ($GLD $GC_F): Charles Sizemore, CFA, wrote back in June, “Gold today is as risky as tech stocks in 1999 and Miami condos in 2005, and the arguments supporting