Exceptional People

The following is a review and analysis of Exceptional People: How Migration Shaped Our World and Will Define Our Future, by  Ian Goldin, Geoffrey Cameron and Meera Balarajan.  In a U.S. election year, the subject of immigration is a controversial topic; kudos to the authors for stirring up a little controversy.   “We live in [...]

Before You Buy that Emerging Market ETF…

As I wrote last week, I have emerging markets on my mind because—at least through the first of the year—I’m living in one. I’m writing this article from the bustling Peruvian farming and ranching town of Paijan, where, between attempting to follow the markets from afar and chasing after my

Emerging Markets Will Shine in 2012

Perhaps it is my surroundings, but I have emerging markets on my mind this morning.  I’m writing this article from, of all places, Paijan, Peru, where I’ll be spending the Christmas and New Year holidays with my inlaws (see map of Paijan). Paijan is a small farming and ranching town

Investing Lessons from a Peruvian Horse Show

Today, I was forced to unplug for a few hours and think.  You see, the power went out, and I had no access to the internet. This is an all too common occurrence in rural Peru, unfortunately.  But rather than fret about it, I decided to take a walk into

This Financial Crisis Left This Market Intact

The 2007-2009 financial crisis that crippled the world economy somehow managed to bypass Peru. I can say this with “boots on the ground” experience. Last night we went out for a late dinner in Lima’s bustling Miraflores neighborhood and had to wait for a table—on a Tuesday night! The malls

Keeping Your Phone Bill Low When Traveling Abroad

Sometimes you just have to stop and think about how far technology has come in just the last few years.  I’m writing this article from a ranch in rural Peru, and from a wireless connection at that.  Outside of the day lost in transportation getting here, I’ve been able to

New Article in "Living In Peru": The Peruvian Paso Horses of Paijan

Taking a break from our usual market commentary, Living In Peru recently featured an article we wrote on Paijan and its legendary Peruvian paso horses.  Here is an excerpt: For readers unfamiliar with the Peruvian paso, the horse is one of the most graceful animals to ever walk the earth.