Visa and MasterCard: Don’t Chase Them Higher

Credit card giants MasterCard (NYSE:$MA) and Visa (NYSE:$V) both crushed earnings estimates this past week, and both are sitting near new all-time highs. Not bad, considering the line of work they are in.  Given that the global economy has been tepid at best lately and that unemployment remains stubbornly high, you might not expect companies [...]

Visa: A Gold-Medal Opportunity

As I write this article, China has a slight lead on the United States in Olympic gold, 34-30, but anything can happen over the next week. But whichever country leaves London with the bigger stash of medals, Visa will be accepted in either of them.

Visa and MasterCard: Underlying Macro Trends Still in Place

“Gimme what I need, uh, MasterCard or Vi-suh.” From Wyclef Jean’s “Perfect Gentleman” The U.S. consumer is in a bit of a pickle.  Jobs are not particularly easy to come by—the June jobs report showed unemployment sticking at 8.2% and only 80,000 new jobs created for the month—and the economy remains sluggish.  True, the average [...]
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Credit or Debit: And What Stocks Stand to Benefit?

The credit card is back.  After a brief hiatus following the 2008 financial crisis in which debit card use outpaced credit card use, it appears that credit is back on top.  According to First Data, a major card processor, growth in credit card usage has outpaced growth in debit card

Warren Buffett Buying the Sizemore Investment Letter's Picks

Lest I be accused of hero worship, I’ll spare readers another Warren Buffett lovefest article.  Yes, Buffett is a living legend, and yes, he is arguably the best investor of all time.  But these facts are nothing new, and there have already been more articles than I can count written

Visa: Consumers Still Swiping

If the economy slowed last quarter, it appears that Visa (NYSE: $V) cardholders didn’t get the message. The company announced earnings Wednesday for the quarter ended September 30.  Profits were up 14 percent and earnings per share—boosted by share buybacks—were up 20 percent.  Not bad numbers for a company at

Visa: New All-Time Highs In Sight Amidst the Volatility

It’s been a rough year for equity investors as fear of European sovereign-debt meltdown have ravaged world markets.  The S&P 500 is down 11% from its late-April highs and is in negative territory for the year.  Financials and other economically-sensitive sectors have taken much greater losses, and European markets have

Visa Shares Soar on Fed Reversal

Shares of Visa (V) soared to new 52-week highs and shares of rival MasterCard (MA) hit new all-time highs after the Federal Reserve announced its final decision on the regulation of debit-card swipe fees.

Visa and MasterCard Survive a Beating by Congress

Visa (NYSE: V) and MasterCard (NYSE: MA) took a beating Thursday as a Senate motion to delay the controversial provisions of the Durbin Amendment affecting debit card fees failed to get enough votes. The amendment would limit swipe fees to $0.12 per transaction, compared to the $0.44 that banks charge

Visa: Investors Shrugging Off Dodd-Frank Worries

Visa (NYSE: V) and MasterCard (NYSE: MA) remain in a state of regulatory limbo regarding the Durbin amendment to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform bill. The amendment, which allowed the Federal Reserve to cap debit card merchant fees, will potentially reduce the attractiveness of debit cards to banks—who will see